Frequently Asked Questions on Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Upper West Side in New York City.


कोऽहं कथमिदं जातं को वै कर्तास्य विद्यते ।
उपादानं किमस्तीह विचारः सोऽयमीदृशः ॥

ko 'haṃ katham idaṃ jātaṃ ko vai kartāsya vidyate |
upādānaṃ kim astīha vicāraḥ so 'yam īdṛśaḥ ||

Who am I? How is this world created?
And who, indeed, is the creator of this?
What is the material cause here in this world?
Such is this reflection.

- Aparokṣānubhūti 12


I'm a beginner, can I come to Mysore class?

Yes, definitely! Mysore style is the best way to learn this practice. You will be given individual instruction within a group setting, learning the series slowly and progressively at a pace that is right for you.

Is it a 3-hour class?

No, it is not a 3-hour class, students come and go. You can arrive at any time during the given time windows as long as you allow enough time for practice.

How much time should I allow for practice?

For beginners, your practice will last about 45 minutes - 1 hour and will grow to about 1 1/2 hours over time.

How can I start?

We offer a new student special of $50 / first week. We ask that you try at least a week in order to get a sense of what consistent practice feels like. You can also come watch first if you prefer. Please email to let us know you are coming.

Can I drop in to Mysore class?

If you have an established Mysore practice you are welcome to drop in to class. If you have taken some led classes or practiced other types of yoga before but are unfamiliar with the sequence, we ask that you commit to at least a week to begin with. Please email to let us know you are coming, either way.

Do you have mats for rent? Can I leave my mat at the shala?

We have mats for rent for $2. We offer mat storage with all monthly passes.

Do you have a shower? Do you rent towels?

Yes, we have a shower and rent towels for $2.